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Txutxo Perez

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Pop art with a twist

Mr. Perez is one of the leading pop-graphic artists in the burgeoning Mission District in San Francisco.  His works reflect on an urban experience, often juxtaposing a wide range of printed elements he finds around town.  These found materials then take a character of their own, once they are transformed into a print screen.  His works are reminiscent of Andy Warhol, but take Andy’s concepts into the 21st century while adding a Chicano twist.
"I take an image from the media which I manipulate and put in context with another image.  It's a confrontation between two images.  My work as an artist is to make clear what is in between."

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S1K-Child Phoenix.jpg (5534 bytes)
Wedding Cake
S2K-Queen Mother.jpg (6895 bytes)
Thunder Spirit
S3K-Brown Woman.jpg (4854 bytes)
California Native I
Wind Valleys
S5K-Not Yet Free, Green.jpg (6592 bytes)
California Native III
S6K-Charlie Hustle.jpg (8019 bytes)
Narco Corrido
S7K-Found Man.jpg (9016 bytes)
American Beauty
S8K-Diving Ngor.jpg (5022 bytes)
Immigrant Corral
S9K-Semion.jpg (4392 bytes)
Shooting Gallery
S10K-Bissau.jpg (5628 bytes)
Border Crossing
Untitled-2.jpg (4955 bytes)
San Diego Stroll
S12K-Driver.jpg (6042 bytes)
S13K-Dow Up.jpg (8464 bytes)
Black Tide 
S14K-Sweet Bissau.jpg (10274 bytes)
Fashion Leaf
S15K-Big Wolve vs. Thunderbird.jpg (9071 bytes)
Golden Skin Nightclub
S16K-The Coup.jpg (10502 bytes)
NBA All Stars
S17K-Jumping Over Places I'd Rather Not Be.jpg (6777 bytes)
S18K-Blue Heart.jpg (6295 bytes)
Mission Posters
Amit May Collection
S19K-Calm Before The Storm.jpg (6280 bytes)
Taqueria Confessions
Souls Calling to One Another
S16K-The Coup.jpg (10502 bytes)
The Blood Tree
Amit May Collection
S17K-Jumping Over Places I'd Rather Not Be.jpg (6777 bytes)
Hunting Visions

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